After Dinner Drink, Decanters and Bourbon... We Love World Bourbon Day!

This one if for the liquor lovers! Not everyone is familiar with decanters and their purpose, as well as the ways they can benefit your finest bourbons. Of course, they look a lil’ boujee and decorative in the home, and can be a bit of fun when hosting dinner parties. All fun aside, decanters serve a beneficial purpose when consuming the finest liquor. Storing in a decanter can make a huge difference to its flavour and consistency. Let’s chat more about why you should use a decanter to store and pour your liquor!

How It Works

The main functions of a decanter, specifically for liquors such as bourbon, include storage, preservation, and decoration. Storing your bourbon in a decanter works differently to your wines or whiskeys. These types of drinks require oxidation to open them up and therefore becoming exposed to oxygen, therefore revealing more flavour. Bourbons, however, require an airtight seal which is essential for long storage. Most bourbon decanters include a tight-fitting glass stopper to preserve your liquor. Storing your bourbon in a tight-seal decanter will preserve it, allowing you to use it over a long period of time. Exposure to oxygen will change the compounds in the bourbon and therefore negatively affect the flavour. So, tight sealing your bourbon is key.

Store & Pour

Bourbon is best stored in a dark and cool place, such as a cupboard or cabinet, so it can be stored away from any form of light. Exposing your bourbon to the light will cause chemical reactions in the liquid that will degrade it. Keeping a consistent, cool temperature will prevent the risk of temperature fluctuation and therefore diminishing the bourbons quality. If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your home bar, decanters are a fabulous way to store your bourbon, giving them an expensive and extravagant look. Decanters can be made from glass or crystal, both materials that will look great wherever you choose to store it, and will add class and sophistication to your home. Decanters are also convenient for serving and pouring, too!

Gifing Idea

Decanters are a great gifting options for any whiskey or bourbon enthusiast, suitable for wedding, housewarming, or milestone birthday gifts. Whether you know a Jack Daniel’s fan, or need a gift with a touch of sophistication, decanters are an easy yet effective option. Easy to clean, store and use, GiftBox’s range of decanters will be perfect for any occasion. Our Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Decanter Set is a classic, including a 900ml glass decanter, air-tight stopper and 2 Old No. 7 glasses, makes the perfect gift for any Jack Daniels fan. Match it up with our Jack Daniel’s Pourer, Jigger and Glasses Set for the ultimate home bar set. Shop all decanters and bar sets here!

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