Best Halloween Costumes of 2021

The most important part of the spooky season is of course the costumes, and getting prepped early can sometimes be the key to success. Whether you’re going all-out and want to take out best dressed for Halloween 2021, or are keeping it subtle and low key, GiftBox have a bunch of new Halloween costumes to suit whatever look you are going for! From ladies’ costumes, such as witch costumes and evil clown dresses, Men’s costumes such as killer doll costume and killer clown, and full head-covering masks and accessories, we’ve got you sorted from head to toe. Find Halloween accessories such as socks and dolls to compliment any outfit, as accessories are everything! Let us help you get ready for spooky season and shop all things Halloween costumes at GiftBox!

Ladies Costumes

This one is for the ladies! Whether you are going for a cutesy look this year, full horror, or want to keep it subtle, we have the most spooky, adorable AND clever Halloween costumes for your Halloween get-up this Halloween. From creepy clowns, medieval witches and straight-up gruesome masks, shop Halloween costumes and accessories at GiftBox! Our Evil Clown Ladies Costume is cute and crazy, all in one. In a One Size Fits All design, makes sizing flexible for all sizes no matter what look you are going for. Giving off Pennywise the Clown vibes, the black and white spotted dress features pom poms for buttons with mesh sleeves and collar for the creepiest of looks. With its striped collar and matching spotted clown party hat, you’ll be sure to creep your friends out and have a circus whilst doing it! Whether you’re dressing it up or down, get clowning around this Halloween in your very own Evil Clown Ladies Costume at GiftBox! Clowns not your thing? Switch it up and throw it back with our Medieval Witch Ladies Costume. Spook your friends as someone from the Middle Ages, this Ladies Halloween costume is perfect for your 2021 Halloween dress up party. Including a detailed black & khaki witches dress and matching pointed hat, this one is a classic and perfect for any Halloween event. Get Halloween ready and shop Ladies Halloween costumes at GiftBox!

Men’s costumes

And now for the guys… GiftBox have something for everyone! From subtle and low-key fits, to gruesome and ‘in your face’ type get ups, whatever look you’re going for, we’ve got it! Give off Chucky vibes this Halloween and dress your best in our Killer Doll Mens Costume. This One Size Fits Most costume is the perfect way to get spooky and look on point this Halloween, including bloodied denim overalls, and a matching striped long sleeve, get into the spirit and maybe even win best dressed! More of a clown kinda guy? Our Killer Clown Mens Costume will successfully make everyone think you’re the real Pennywise! Including the iconic silver clown top and pants, with big red buttons and lacey collar, you can float too this Halloween. Just add makeup and some crazy hair! Our costumes are One Size Fits Most, making them super easy to fit all shapes and sizes this Halloween. Get in the spooky spirit and let GiftBox dress you for Halloween 2021!

Masks and Accessories

Perhaps going all-out dress up isn’t for you, but you still need a costume this Halloween? Our range of Masks and Accessories are a great go-to when you need something subtle but spooky! Our full head-covering masks aren’t so subtle, but are a great alternative when you need quick, easy and totally gruesome! Our Detached Eye Latex Mask with Wig takes the cake for the most grisly, featuring a bloodied and scarred zombie face, with black scruffy hair and missing eye as it hangs out of his head. Our range of Assorted Zombie Masks were made to terrify all. Choose from Zombie with Boils or Zombie with Bandage and prepare to be grossed-out with its bloodied and realist features.
No one ever suspects the scarecrow! Our Assorted Full Head Scarecrow Masks will send shivers down your spine, featuring two unique designs, get the scare-cam ready when you reveal your outfit! For something even more subtle and convenient, our range of Halloween horror socks are the perfect way to still join in on the Halloween fun without the big hullabaloo. Choose from A Nightmare on Elm Street Socks, Chucky Socks and The Simpsons Horror Socks. These costumes and more available at GiftBox! We’ll have you sorted this Halloween for all things Halloween costumes, masks and accessories.

Get ready for Halloween 2021 and prep your Halloween outfits and accessories! From Ladies costumes, Men’s costumes, scary masks and accessories, you’ll find it all at GiftBox.