Get Prepped For Your Halloween House Party!

Halloween is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get your party space prepped for the most awesomely spooky costume party! Of course, you want to host the most frightening, fun, and spine-chilling Halloween party ever. Whether this requires a room filled with skeletons, ghostly figures, or your favourite horror movie characters, GiftBox has you covered for your Halloween party props, costumes and party décor! From theme, to decoration, activities, and gifts, we have all you need to host your best Halloween party yet.

Costumes + masks

As the host, it is most important you have a rockin’ Halloween costume and lead by example for your guests. Are you into the full Halloween get-up or like to keep it subtle? Either way, no Halloween party is complete without a spooky costume – big or small! Whether you are a fan of the classic Chucky Halloween dress-up, you are a Freddie Krueger type lover, or Pennywise is your OG, get into the Halloween spirit and dress to impress with your favourite fictional (or factual!) character. We have a few favourite of our own, and these include a range of easy yet spooky Halloween costumes perfect for your 2021 Halloween party. From our Adult Pennywise IT Clown costume, Adult Chucky Doll costume, Ladies Day of the Dead Witch Costume, and Ladies Harlequin Clown costumes, you’ll find this year’s Halloween costume right here at GiftBox. Get in early this Halloween and prep your 2021 Halloween look. Looking to keep it more subtle? Easy! Our range of full head covering masks are the perfect way to participate in dressing up, with little effort but major shock factor. These guys are super gruesome and realistic enough to scare the pants off of anyone. Choose from our assorted Zombie range, Detachted Eye with Wig and Scary Scarecrow for your Halloween 2021 costume. Shop our terrifying range of Halloween costumes for Halloween 2021 here.


After the costume, comes the weird and wonderful, spooky and scary party décor! The theme and spookiness of your Halloween party is a huge factor in party planning, and getting this theme as scary as possible will have your attendees thrilled and locked in for an awesome night. GiftBox makes it super easy for you to host the scariest, spookiest Halloween party yet, from giant horror dolls, outdoor Halloween decorations, indoor Halloween decorations and heaps more. Get spooky this year and deck out your party in head-to-toe Halloween! Our Standing Door Greeters are a fan favourite year on year, ranging from four unique characters that are sure to scare each and every guest. Activated by sound and motion, you won’t be disappointed with the jump scares you will get to witness when they least expect it! Choose from Light Up Witch, Possessed Baby Doll, Killer Clown or Grim Reaper, these guys are guaranteed to be a hit this Halloween. Want something with even more scare factor? Our Giant Tall Door Greeters will not only look great but will be the main feature of the party. Standing at a massive two meters tall! Don’t forget where you’ve placed this guy, or you too will be a victim of the scare cam! Choose between the Carved Pumpkin Figure and Animated Bozo Horror Clown. These guys are only available in selected stores. Keep the theme going and add on of our Ground Breakers to the scene, each of which will make an awesome decoration and set the scene perfectly. So, get decorating!

Dolls & gifts

Perhaps you need a gift for the host of this years Halloween party, have that one friend that is obsessed with Halloween EVERY year, or have that one friend group who think Halloween is the new Christmas, GiftBox has what you need for all things Halloween Gifting! Two words… HORROR DOLLS! Now that we have your attention… Add to the fun of scaring your guests because, well, that’s what Halloween is all about! Our range of Collectible Horror Dolls are a fan favourite, whether they are being used as Halloween décor or as a gift for that special someone this Halloween. From our Mezco horror figures, standing horror dolls and talking horror dolls, these fan faves will have you sorted for 2021 Halloween. GiftBox’s horror doll range covers all of your favourite horror characters, from Child’s Play Chucky Talking Horror Doll, Wife of Chucky Horror Doll, The Conjuring Annabelle Doll and Saw Billy Mega Talking Action Figure. For the perfect Halloween gift and Halloween gift ideas, our Horror Pop! Vinyls make the perfect spooky surprise for that special someone. Gift them their favourite horror character from their favourite film, or even their favourite artist dressed in their spookiest ‘fit! In our Pop! Vinyl range, you’ll find Pennywise figures, Freddy Krueger figures, Chucky figures, Edward Scissorhands, Venomized Marvel characters and so many more. For something on the smaller side that’ll still make any Halloween lovers’ day, get your hands on our 2 for $10 Halloween socks! Including a range of spooky socks from The Simpsons, Chucky, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, these guys make the perfect stocking filler for Halloween hampers and goody bags.

Now is the time to get 2021 Halloween prepared! From Halloween party decorations, gifts, spooky décor and collectible horror dolls for all the thrill seekers out there, GiftBox have it all! Get all you need for this Halloween online at GiftBox.