Michael Myers is back in Halloween Kills

Your favourite masked killer returns in a brand-new Halloween film, the twelfth installment in the Halloween franchise, and the sequel to 2018 film Halloween. The nightmare continues as relentless serial killer, Michael Myers, resurfaces to the town of Haddonfield to continue his reign of terror, and haunt some of his original victims who suspected he was dead. Let’s jump into the plot of the film!

When Laurie, Karen and Allyson Strode escape the rath of Michael Myers, the leave him behind, caged & burning alive, to what they thought would be his death. The family believed their encounter with the terrifying serial killer had come to an end. But, when Michael manages to free himself from the trap set by Laurie, his bloodbath of a killing spree resumes and becomes everyone’s worst nightmare. The Strode family join a mob of past survivors in the town of Haddonfield, who plan to revolt against Myers and take him down - once and for all this time.  Evil dies tonight…

The film comes off the back of the 2018 Halloween film, where Laurie Strode comes face to face with Michael Myers, after he once again escapes captivity. This film takes place 40 years after the events from the very first Halloween film – Halloween (1978), which tells the story of Michael Myers who begins his killing spree by murdering a teenage babysitter on the night of Halloween. The film begins with 6-year-old Michael, who kills his 17-year-old sister on the night of Halloween of 1963. Here, Myers is captured and taken to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. 15 years on, Michael escapes and returns to his hometown where he seeks revenge on Laurie Strode, who is *spoilers* revealed to be Myers’ sister.

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Get into the Halloween spirit and prepare yourself for the release of the brand-new Halloween Kills film this Halloween! In cinemas October 28th, 2021.