Social Distanced Fun: Keeping Amused In Lockdown

With multiple states now in lockdown, it’s safe to say COVID has unfortunately returned, and is taking a toll on each one of our lives in one way or another. Whether you are stuck at home with your family or locked down solo, it can be tough to keep occupied and stay busy when you aren’t able to leave the house. It is safe to say we could all do with a pick-me-up to not only keep us busy, but make the most of some downtime and have some fun at home! Particularly if the kids are home from school, you are going to need an abundance of activities to keep them busy all day long. From fun activities to do in the day, drinking games, home-office necessities and all things comfort, GiftBox is here to keep you and your family and friends occupied at home!  

Clubs and pubs are closed… now what?

Friday night knock-offs and Saturday nights on the town are off the cards, so it’s time to entertain your drinking habits from home. However, there’s no reason you can’t make the most of your time at home with some awesome drinking games and accessories! Organize your group zoom parties, get your friends together online… let’s talk all things drinking! Lockdown has us all feeling lazy, so the last thing you want to do is read a bunch of rules and follow a confusing game – good news is our drinking games require no brain power and a whole lot of fun! Pissed-opoly is the perfect drinking game for any household group, including stacks of hilarious challenges, matched with an equal amount of drinking for the best time! Gather whoever you can from your household, get the drinks out and get playing! Incohearent also has to be one of the funniest games to play, which is perfect for lockdown for those that need a laugh. Simply read the card that contains a combination of words that look like nonsense but sound like a phrase when recited aloud, decode the hidden phrase and you’re a winner! A classic that you simply cannot go wrong with… Drink King Beer Pong Cups and Balls! Including 24 red cups and 24 ping pong balls, an all-time favourite game of beer pong is the perfect lockdown activity.

Bored of day-time TV?

There’s only so many re-runs of The Ellen Show and info-mercial adverts that one can watch… Luckily, GiftBox has stacks of activities, games and puzzles that the whole family can get involved in. Our range of 1000+ piece puzzles are the perfect lockdown activity that’ll keep anyone busy (for a few hours, anyway!) From Chucky, to ACDC, Pink Floyd and more, these licensed puzzles are a must-have for anyone that’s locked down at home. If puzzles aren’t your thing, our range of Family Games are sure to help bond the fam even closer than lockdown will! From Cards Against Humanity Family Edition, 5 Second Rule Spintensity to Spicks and Specks Game, GiftBox is your home to all things games! There is a huge range of games to choose from, we’ll be sure to help you keep entertained with games that can be played with all ages. Want something quick and easy that will keep the kids occupied for hours? Tip of the Tongue is a super quick game, with 1000 questions will keep anyone busy. Missing footy? Our range of AFL Trivia Games will test your knowledge on all things footy! These aren’t just regular games, these are cool games…

Deck out your home office!

Like many of us, you may be working from home throughout these uncertain times, and a comfy and well set-out work space is most important to stay productive. GiftBox stock all things homewares, lighting and aromatherapy to make sure you’re set for working from home! Our range of lighting will light up your space like no other, from salt lamps, lava lamps and Moroccan lamps, you’ll find the perfect lighting to suit your space. Kill two birds with one stone with our lava lamps, these guys will create the perfect work space to ensure you remain comfortable at home. Our mosaic lamps create a soft and relaxing ambiance that will set the perfect tone for your workspace. Add a touch of zen and ambiance to you space with our range of salt lamps. Our salt lamps will enhance your mood, calm allergies and raise your energy levels – also purifying the air in the room. Get your hands on your choice of lighting for your space at home!

Stay positive in lockdown – we are all in this together. GiftBox is here to help you get through your lockdown, whatever that may look like for you.