Nat's What I Reckon Yeah Nah Trivia Game

Righto, listen here champions… Your favourite iso cooking champ and anti-jar sauce warrior has resurfaced with his very own trivia game! Whether you’re a bloody trivia legend or, like the man himself, are a bit sh*t, anyone can win…

The potty-mouthed legend took the internet by storm when COVID peaked in early 2020, with his winning cooking videos, original cookbooks, novel release and 5-star YouTube content. He is most loved for his stance on jar sauce… which we agree, can get f*cked. When he’s not filming, cooking or being a bloody champion, Nat plays in various bands around NSW pursuing his love from rock n roll.

Reckon you know your Yeah’s from your Nah’s? Nat’s Yeah Nah Trivia for Legends is super easy to play, combining roughly 20% brains with 80% luck. Take it in turns spinning the spinner, wagering tokens as you answer some f***in’ funny questions that’ll also keep your brain tickin’. Can Koalas get drunk on eucalyptus leaves? Who f***in’ knows. Answer with a ‘Yeah’ or a ‘Nah’ – get it wrong and you’ll be stitched up with the devil itself - jar sauce.

Get your very own Yeah Nah Trivia for Legends today and become a bloody champion!

Nat’s Yeah Nah Trivia? Yeah

Jar sauce? Nah