The Best Ways to Stay Entertained During Quarantine

The start to 2020 has been a turbulent time, especially owing to the much-publicized Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, outbreak which has spread across the globe and affected every country. Locally in Australia we have seen everyone from politicians, musicians, actors and sports stars being affected, leading to the canceling of sports, arts events and musical festivals. As schools around the country close and more and more businesses decide to allow their employees to work from home it seems all but likely that mass quarantines and self-isolation will come in to effect as a form of prevention in order to ease the burden on our social services.

While panic buying of household grocery staples have gripped the headlines, many savvy shoppers -especially those with children - have also been stocking up on entertainment, games and toys in anticipation of an extended periods of confinement, determined not to broken by the incessant boredom of being housebound.

Aside from our much-loved and wide range of fun, unique and novel “sanity savers”, GiftBox also offers nationwide express shipping, meaning that you don’t even need to face the masses in order to be prepared for the quarantine period.

Here are four of our greatest ideas for how you get through isolation with a smile on your face

$20 Games

There’s only so passive screen time anyone can take and once your eyes start getting blurry and you’ve exhausted your Netflix watch list, where will you turn? Our selection of $20 games are guaranteed to boost morale in your household by making you laugh your arse off – plus you only need two people to play these games! Our Pissed and Pissed: Spin the Thong games are just what the doctor ordered (alcohol kills germs right??). If you’re stuck at home with just you and your S.O  thing safe social distancing can get stuffed than why not set the mood with our Dirty range – Dirty Head, Dirty Never & Dirty Charades – but remember, what happens in quarantine doesn’t always stay in quarantine (wink, wink) Once the drian of being stuck inside with the same people day in, day out begins to wane, why not release some tensions with F*ck, Marry, Kill and either Song or Movie Titles for Arseholes.


Sports & Car Games

With all major sporting codes and event either cancelled or facing severely reduced seasons the inner sporting fanatics will be climbing the walls without their weekly fix of heated rivalry and charged up action. Whilst you can’t get to a game to support your favourite team you can get still get around the boys by grabbing some officially licensed NRL & AFL games which are perfect for young and old alike. AFL & NRL Fact or Fiction Family Trivia games are a great way to test your footy knowledge whilst battling your family for bragging rights, with over 600 questions covering ever era of professional footy in Australia. If you’re a one-eyed supporter than get your hands on an Adelaide, Fremantle, Port Power or West Coast Trivia Game and prove how much you really love you club.  And for the rev heads you can always satisfy your need for speed with these Holden & Ford trivia games, which both include a bonus Ruckus card game 


Family Games

If you’re stuck at home with the rugrats, our deepest sympathies . .  . no really, we love kids, especially how they (checks the interwebs for some benefits of children) are a tax deduction. Either way you can’t palm them off to the grannies so you may as well make the most of this time and keep the kids entertained with some of these classic board games. Based on the smash hit TV shows The Chase Australia and Celebrity Name Game will put young and old alike to the test and see who’s got what it takes. If the kids need a bit more action to pass the time than Australia’s favourite boardgame, Big Bash Smash will bring all the excitement, thrills and spills of the Big Bash League T20 right into the living room

Man Cave

If you’re anything like me than you’ll probably agree that the biggest crime of this whole affair is that you can’t even look forward to frosty Friday frothies after knockoff at the local! But the good news, aside from slabs of Corona’s going for an absolute steal at the bottle-o these days, is that thanks to GiftBox has everything you need to recreate the magic of your favourite bar at home with our range of Glassware, Bar Stools and Signs. While we can’t promise flirty barmaids, dubious chicken parmies and beers with almost too much head, at least when you’re in your decked out man cave you’ll never have to fight for a spot at the bar and all that money you save on Uber’s (drink driving is for dickheads) can go straight back into your beer money.

So, whether you’re bunkering down prepper style or your planning to make the most of your down time just remember that GiftBox has everything you need to survive the pandemic panic!