The Summer Aus Day Essentials You Didn't Know You Need!

Happy Straya’ Day, mate! It’s time to stock up on all things summer, swim and sand! Boy do we have a coupla’ beauty Aussie Day must-haves that you need for 2022. Whether you’re spending the day throwing a couple shrimps on the barbie, or spending it with mates over a few Denzel Frothingtons, let GiftBox make your Aussie Day a ripsnorter! Read on and have a Captain Cook of our AUS Day must-haves.

Australia Day is a great excuse to relax and chill out the true Aussie way, where a few Oprah Tinfreys never go astray on such a pearla of a day. Our ‘Pissed range includes a variety of drinking accessory must-haves for some drinking fun. Choose from a range of our Pissed Beer Snorkels – there’s one for every kind of beverage! Perfect for beer stubbies, cans and skinny cans, see who can get their drink down the quickest in true blue Aussie style. Down for a game of beer pong, perhaps? Get your pong on with our Pissed Beer Pong Set, which includes all you need for countless games of beer pong! Make it interesting and incorporate the Pissed Twin Snorkel Pack into your game… maybe some this incentive will help with your pong shot? Keep the drinks flowing all day and all night long, with our Drink King Drinking Helmet, simply insert your choice of beverage into the helmet and drink away, cobber. No matter what your style of drinking is, do it true Aussie style this Australia Day!

Drinking games, card games, board games and outdoor gameswill be your necessities for any Aussie celebration… (but anything is a drinking game if you make it one, right?) Our massive range of games includes some hilarious games that’ll have you belly laughing for hours on end, and are also a bunch of fun, too. It’s no Aussie celebration until Uncle Richo brings out the fam board games to pass the time! Our Pissed-Opoly Aussie Edition will be your new summer companion, gather your mates and let the (friendly) brawls begin! The Pissed Tower is also a must-have for your summer season for some outdoor fun that will last for hours on end.

From the beach, to the pub, or make it COVID safe at home – find a variety of gnarly outfits and accessories to wear this Australia Day. Our Wearable Beach Towels will make the perfect beach companion, featuring a toweling material you can slip right on with ease, with pockets and a hood for maximum comfort. Choose from two unique colours! Our Undakava range of Boxers and Socks will have you stoked, from Koalas, to beer and pizza, beer pong and aussie slang, have a geez of the range and deck out your outfit.

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Drink responsibly*