Dirty Head

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How dirty can you get???

How To Play

  1. Divide yourself into teams of at least two.
  2. The youngest player goes first.
  3. Don the Headband of Filth, draw three cards and stick them in the headband, face out, without looking at them.
  4. Your teammate/s will tell you the first card category, then they’ve got 60 seconds to give you enough clues to guess the answers.
    1. Acting out clues is highly encouraged (wink, wink).
    2. They can’t say the answers, any words that appear in the answer or use “sounds like” & “starts with” clues.
    3. If you guess correctly, remove the card and begin again. Continue until time runs out

House Rules

Lose an item of clothing for every unsuccessful turn

More Information

Weight (KG) 5.6000
Height (CM) 44
Width (CM) 23
Length (CM) 23
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