F*cked Up Dilemmas

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  • Ages 18+
  • 2-10 players
  • Crazy "would you rather" game
  • 200 x dilemma cards
  • 10 x choice cards
  • 90 x scoring tokens

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The crazy "Would You Rather" game!

Delve into the f*cked up inner workings of your friends' brains and try to guess which f*cked up dilemma options they'll choose. The results will be horrifying and hilarious!

Object of the game:

Earn tokens for correctly guessing which F*CKED UP DILEMMA option other players would choose.

How To Play:

Place F*CKED UP DILEMMA CARDS in the middle of the table, face down where everyone can reach. Take turns reading F*CKED UP DILEMMA CARDS out loud. All other players choose dilemma A or B by placing the appropriate CHOICE CARD face-down in front of them (without revealing their answer). One by one, the reader guesses which option each player has chosen. For every correct guess, they collect 1 token. Play continues clockwise. A round is complete when every player has had the chance to be the reader.

The player with the most tokens wins!

Play for as long as you like - just make sure everyone has an even number of turns being the reader. If the game ends in a tie - no worries. The more winners the merrier!

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Height (CM) 20
Width (CM) 10
Length (CM) 7
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