Ford Trivia Box XXL

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So you think you know Ford?

Get ready to make a real ruckus with the whole family, for ages 6 to 106! Collecting card sets is the aim of the game. . . it's holding on to them that's the trick!

Play for bragging rights with 100's of trivia questions and 20 Ford picture cards.



Scores are added to players’ running totals. The first player to reach 77 points is the winner. Otherwise, the deck is shuffled, and a new hand is dealt by the player to the left of the most recent dealer.


Unlike sets, single cards can be kept in your hand for later play, even when they could have been used to steal. Sometimes it’s best to hold back and let someone else make the steal, positioning yourself to jump in and take the very same set a moment later. But wait too long and you risk someone going out, leaving you with extra cards in your hand to count against you.


To rid your hand of cards and score points by making and stealing sets. The first player to reach 77 points wins the game.


Grab a pen and paper for scorekeeping and pick one player to be the scorekeeper. Shuffle the card deck well. Deal each player seven cards, one at a time face down and place the card deck in the middle of the table. No one can pick up or look at their cards until the dealer is finished and has picked up their cards.

With the new card in hand, immediately place any new sets face up on the table. If one of your new sets matches one of your existing sets, combine them into a single pile. In addition to stealing, single cards in your hand can also be used to build on your existing sets, if the card matches the set.


As soon as any player has played out their last card they must shout “RUCKUS” to stop the game. Play stops immediately and any cards remaining in other players’ hands count against them.


Each player scores one point for every card in their sets on the table, and subtracts one point for every card that was still in their hand when the round ended. A five-point bonus is added to the score of the player who ended the hand by going out. The lowest possible score for a hand is zero (negative scores are not allowed).


Look at your hand and immediately place all sets of two or more identical cards face up, in piles, on the table in front of you. A set can never be kept in hand for later play or be broken up for any reason. Look to see if you can steal any of your opponents’ sets. To do so, your hand must contain a single card that matches the set you wish to steal. Just place your card face up on top of the matching pile and move it in front of you to show that it’s now yours. Whenever a player makes a set or steals a set they must shout out loud for all other players to hear the name of that set. For example: “FE Sedan” or “LJ Torana”. Without taking turns, all players steal at will and are free to make multiple steals. Stolen sets remain on the table, changing possession frequently as steal after steal occurs. Play should be brisk. If at any time during a round a player cannot make or steal a set from the remaining cards in their hand they must pick up a new card from the top of the deck.


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