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Drink-a-palooza The #1 Drinking Game in the USA and is exclusive to GiftBox for a limited time only! It's a party in a box! This is the ultimate game that combines all of the best drinking games into one competition. Whether you prefer beer, water, soda or spirits, you will love playing. No ping-pong table? No problem! Party anywhere & play everywhere. It's the only party game created to prove your social drinking skills. Talk trash with your friends as you compete to win mini bottles. Fill your six-pack & you win! THE RULE BOOK: HOW TO PLAY DRINK-A-PALOOZA® BOARD GAME © Copyright 2012 – 2018 Wagner Concepts Inc. Intellectual Property. All Rights Reserved (updated 6/1/2018) 2-12 PLAYERS THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to fill your empty 6-PACK game piece with Mini Bottles that are awarded throughout the game. Bottles are awarded thru Mini-Competitions designated by a bottle image on the board. Preparation: To begin you will need to assemble the game board by following the DRINK CUP ASSEMBLY directions found below. You will need: 1 quarter (not included), 3 plastic red cups (not included), 2 ping-pong balls, 2 dice and the deck of playing cards. Place one red cup in the center of the board on the DRINK CUP spot. Set aside the other two cups for playing FLIP CUP. A comfortable amount of your favorite beverage is poured in the DRINK CUP. Place the deck of cards face down on the deck of cards spot. HOW TO PLAY: Each player chooses an empty 6-pack holder and begins on the space marked START (MAKE A RULE). To begin the game, one player will SPIN THE BOTTLE. Whoever the Bottle is pointed to will begin the game by rolling the dice. The number rolled is the amount of spaces the player will move. The game order moves clockwise. Each player plays the game with their favorite beverage in-hand. Throughout the game you will be either drinking or passing out an amount of “Sips” to other players. Depending on how you want to play, players can also count the amount of “Sips” in “Seconds”. “Sips” and counting the amount of “Sips” in “Seconds” are discretionary. Game play always defers to the “House Rules” meaning the owner of the game/house gets the final say on how the game is played and which type you use. PARTNER GAME PLAY: You may partner up with people by sharing the 6-pack game pieces. This allows up to 12 people to play at once. When partnering up, rotate partners throughout the Mini-Competitions (FLIP CUP, BEER PONG, QUARTERS) until the Mini Bottle is won. For FLIP CUP, choose the amount of cups to use and play as a relay race against the other team. QUICK START DRINK CUP ASSEMBLY drink-cups-rules 1. Assemble DRINK CUP. 2. Pour some drink into DRINK CUP. 3. Establish “House Rules”: a. Rebuttals? Yes or No b. Playing “Sips” or “Seconds”. c. FLIP CUP relay (1, 2 or 3 cups) 4. Place Deck of Cards face-down. 5. Choose Empty 6-Packs game piece. 6. Spin the Bottle to see who starts. 7. Roll the dice to move (clockwise). HOW TO WIN BOTTLES When you land on BEER PONG, QUARTERS & FLIP CUP; you choose another player to compete against by Spinning the Bottle located in the middle of the board. Whoever the Bottle is pointing to will be your opponent. Whoever wins the mini competition is awarded a Mini Bottle and places that Mini Bottle into their 6-PACK game piece. Fill up your 6-PACK to win DRINK-A-PALOOZA. BEER PONG For BEER PONG; the first person to shoot the ping pong ball in the Drink Cup wins the Mini Bottle. Loser drinks the DRINK CUP then refills it with a small amount of a designated beverage. Allowing “Rebuttals” are established in the “House Rules”. QUARTERS For QUARTERS; the first person to bounce a quarter in the Drink Cup wins the Mini Bottle. Loser drinks the DRINK CUP then refills it with a small amount of a designated beverage. Allowing “Rebuttals” are established in the “House Rules”. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.
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