Pissed-Pong Beer Pong Challenge Game

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  • Pissed Pissed-Pong Game
  • Become the Pong champion!
  • 2+ players 
  • Drink responsibly
  • 18+ only
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Pissed-Pong card game
  • 14 giant, collectable, dishwasher safe cups
  • 12 Pissed-Pong balls

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Giant... Because bigger is way f*ckin better

Want to take Pissed-Pong to a new level? The Pissed Pissed-Pong is your classic game of beer pong but king sized, because bigger is always better, right? This Pong set features all you need for a good time, including Pissed-Pong dare or action cards that'll make things very interesting. We hope your ex isn't around... This set also includes 14 collectable pong cups, which are dishwasher safe and reusable for the easiest pong clean up you'll ever experience. Because that hungover, 9am clean up is never a fun time. 12 Pissed-Pong balls for that one mate that is the king of losing the ball, every. single. time.

Whether you're a sh*t DJ, cougar chaser or secretly have that king pong schlong, the Pissed Pissed-Pong is a must have for any event where alcohol is involved! Shop Pissed drinking games and accessories online at GiftBox. 

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Weight (KG) 1.2500
Height (CM) 24
Width (CM) 32
Length (CM) 12
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