Left Right Pissed

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  • Age 18+
  • Players 2 to...whatever!
  • All-new adults only dice game
  • Comes with 3 dice and tokens

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The f*cked up dice game that will get your next party up and running in style!


Each player starts with 4 tokens and a glass full of their beverage of choice. TIP: Keep the bottle handy. The player who most recently got pissed goes first and rolls all 3 dice. For each die, the player does the following;

Blank = do nothing

Left = give a token to the player on your left

Right = give a token to the player on your right

PISSED = take a sip!

If all dice show PISSED, finish your drink. If you lose all your tokens, finish your drink. Play moves clockwise to the next player. At the end of each round (once everyone's had a turn), make sure to refill your drinks! If you start your next turn with no tokens, pass your turn (you could still receive tokens from other players during their turns). The winner is the last one standing. Pun intended!

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Weight (KG) 0.6100
Height (CM) 19
Width (CM) 20
Length (CM) 14
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