Pissed Twin Snorkel & Adapter Neon Pink

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  • Pissed Twin Snorkel & Adapter 
  • Neon Pink in colour
  • Made from Food grade TPE and SAE 304 stainless steel
  • Compatible with other snorkel attachments
  • Fits standard bottles - not just beer
  • 2 x aerator pipe attachments
  • Comes with aerator pipe cleaning brush
  • Can not included, only for reference
  • Race your friends
  • Drink responsibly

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Double Trouble!

The Can Snorkel is now a part of Aussie party folklore. Your mate Simmo can Snork a can in 4 seconds. Your other mate Stacey finished hers in 3 seconds. Now the quest for ultimate Snork supremacy has thrown your friendship group into a fierce competition - with the winner cementing themselves as a deadset LEGEND for years to come!

This guy is double the fun! Just like the original snorkel, but x2! One-up your mates at the next pre-drinks event and down two drinks at once. Skulling is made easy with this bad boy.

Featuring a twin snorkel joined by its adapter at the center, attach two of your finest drinks of choice to the end of each snorkel, tip and go! T Finish two drinks simultaneously at any event, perfect for pre-drinks, game punishments, or when the Uber is just around the corner and you haven't finsihed your drinks in time.

The Pissed Can Snorkel has landed at GiftBox and delivers the ultimate Snork experience, constructed out of food grade TPE and SAE 304 stainless steel pipes for exceptional airflow.

Don't rock up to pre drinks empty handed - grab a sixer, grab your Pissed Beer Snorkel, and throw your hat in the ring for fastest Snork in the land!

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