Slide In The DM's

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Think your DM game is smooth? Find out in this hilarious game!

Pair your funniest reply card with the judges DM card to create the most hysterical DM!


Heyyy, how do I set this game up?

Separate the DM Cards and Play Cards into two separate decks. Don’t forget every player should begin the round with 7 Play Cards each


K cool, then what?

Whoever brought this game gets to be the first judge. They will choose a DM Card, read it out loud, and place it in the centre of the table face up. Then, each player (except the judge) chooses a Play Card to fill in the blank of the DM card and places it in the centre of the table face down.


But how do I win tho?

Once every player has submitted their card, the judge reads each Play Card out loud. The judge then chooses their favourite. That card is the winning card and the round ends. The player who submitted the chosen Play Card keeps the DM Card as a point and game play continues. The position of judge rotates to the left and the next round begins. Play until the first person reaches ten DM Cards, or until you just wanna stop playing, IDGAF.


Ages 17+

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