The C Game

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  • Perfect for 2 Players
  • F*** was last year’s word
  • Get ready to drop the c bomb
  • Adults Only Ages 18+.

This is the best game ever! Can you find, who’s the c*nt? This is easy to play and perfect when having good times with the mates. Simply pick a c*nt and now try and guess which c*nt your mate has picked. With so many c*nts to eliminate in this guessing game, it’s hard to know which c*nt they picked, is it lying c*nt or feral c*nt or one of the other 24 c*nt selections. 

Drop the C bomb and have a laugh, it the perfect weekend game, a bit like guess who but made for adults. You may have heard on our socials when you order this game it comes packaged in “shelf-friendly wrapping”. Take it out of this packaging to reveal the c bomb box and get investigating you’ve got a c*nt to sniff out.   

What’s in the box
2 Consoles
48 C*** Console cards
24 Guess The C*** Cards
2 Scoring Pins

More Information

Weight (KG) 1.1800
Height (CM) 27
Width (CM) 27
Length (CM) 6
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