Payment methods such as Zip Pay and Afterpay are now amongst the most popular options for online shoppers, due to both their ease of use and the extra options they provide to consumers. In fact, 1 in 4 millenial Australian's prefer these more flexible payment options over traditional credit cards, with millions of transactions occurring every year. The simplicity and transparency of Zip Pay, Afterpay and others is an attractive feature in comparison with credit cards which often include hidden fees and administration charges.

For some time now Smokemart, Australia’s number 1 tobacconist and gift retailer, has been getting a lot of feedback from our customers enquiring about the availability of these payment options across and we are happy to announce that there is now a way to process your transactions on Smokemart using your Zip Pay account.

It’s called Shop Everywhere and its a new initiative by Zip Pay which means merchants don’t need to be signed up to Zip for customers to enjoy the benefits of paying with Zip. Shopping with Shop Everywhere is managed through the Zip app and is achieved by following these steps

  • Open the Zip app to the 'Shop' page

  • Tap on the search bar and search for GiftBox

  • After making your selection you will be redirected to our website which you can browse as usual for the items you want

  • Once you have added all your items to your basket, proceed to the checkout. Your contact and delivery information should pre-fill automatically from your account. If it doesn't please enter it as usual

  • When you are required to add a payment method, simply tap the 'Pay with Zip' button at the bottom of the page. The single-use card number should fill out automatically. If it doesn’t, enter the single-use card number, expiration date and CVV manually. If asked for the name on the card, simply use your name.

  • Complete the checkout and we’ll send you a confirmation that the purchase is approved and successful.

Learn more about zipPay